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Our Purpose is to help our clients build their businesses to succeed and thrive in a way that is enduring and sustainable.

Hi, I am Greg Hardwich and I confess I started the Q2 Group for selfish reasons.  There is nothing I enjoy more than spending my days helping our clients and their businesses succeed. I sleep very well at night in the knowledge that our customers businesses are thriving as their sales, profits and cash flows grow. When I wake up, I don’t worry, because I know that our clients are proactively building agile, resilient businesses, which will endure long after they sell or retire. I get a real kick out of knowing that our clients are operating sustainably by taking care of themselves, their families, staff, customers, community and the environment.

Yep, the happier our clients are… the happier I am. Some might say that we are lucky to have clients like these… our clients would say that it had little to do with luck.

Starting, building and operating a successful business has little to do with luck…

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, of the 299,123 new business entries during 2008-09, only 51% were still operating just three years later in 2012. A whopping 146,570 small businesses did not survive the first 3 years of operation.

Statistically only 10% of all small to medium businesses will survive the first 5 years of operation… of these, only 10% will survive the second 5 years of operation. For us at the Q2 Group, these odds are not acceptable!

Imagine: profitable growth, increased sales and cashflow; more time for yourself and your family; reduced costs and waist; and  operating in harmony with the community and environment…

Imagine the positive impact we can have on business owners, their families, their employees, their communities and the economy as a whole if we can increase the survival rate of small and medium businesses by 10%.

Imagine if we can help these businesses not only survive, but also succeed and thrive sustainably. By sustainably we mean that the business will succeed and thrive in a way that is lasting and sensitive to the communities and environment in which the business operates.

Imagine if we can get these businesses to work together to help each other to succeed and thrive sustainably?

Helping to make the world a better place, one business at a time…

A successful business has the power to do great things for their people, society and the environment. If we can help more businesses succeed, then in some small way we are able to make the world a better place. That in essence is our vision!


Greg Hardwich

Founder | Business Coach | Management Consultant

A graduate from the University of Western Australia with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, I have spent the last 20 years in executive management roles improving business performance in a variety of product and service businesses.

I have had the privilege of working in many sectors at a local and international level including the: resource industry (Oil and Gas and mining), consulting, technology, and environment, scientific, utility and legal sectors.

My expertise includes spearheading strategy, business development, operational performance, organisational performance and financial performance. I have extensive experience in launching, developing, managing, and selling successful small to medium sized businesses.

I am passionate about building lucrative and sustainable businesses, but my chief aim is to help my clients to develop the leadership and management capability to stop following the herd and take ownership of their own personal and professional journeys to business success.

No matter how clouded your vision, or big your plan, my #1 goal is to help you break through the obstacles holding you back from success and help you discover your natural state of professional and personal wellbeing.

My approach is asking the tough questions and not changing the subject when the heat is turned up. There is no magic bullet for business success but together we can discover what makes your business tick and what your potential clients REALLY expect.

You may want to improve cash flow, your leadership capability, restructure your business, initiate a change program, access your organisational capability or discover the benefits of business performance improvement…

Reach out today and let’s draw up your personal and professional blueprint to prosperity. Your potential new professional best friend on speed-dial,

Greg Hardwich
Founder. Business Coach. Inspirer


New Team Member

Business Coach | Management Consultant

We are always looking for more people. If you share our vision, purpose and values. Contact us!

Living our values in service of our clients!

We are a values-driven organisation.  Our Values form our long-term strategy and the way we serve our clients on a daily basis. We understand that we share our client’s purpose and values and our clients choose to work with us because of what we stand for.

Live Right

Take care of yourself, your family, your business, your staff, your customers, your community and the environment. Strive to live with Integrity, to do no harm and to live and operate sustainably. Love life, have fun, live with passion and make time to enjoy your success.


Mentality of Abundance

Don’t slice the cake thinner; Make the pie bigger and better. Commit to life-long learning and teaching. Improve continuously.


Be Proactive

Plan your life and create your future. Know vividly where you want to be personally and professionally. Know how you will get to the destination you desire. Life happens! That which happened in the past will not necessarily happen in the future. Anticipate obstacles, anticipate success and proactively manage both. Act Now!

Partnerships in service of our clients and customers.

Our mission is to help our customers and their businesses succeed and thrive in a way that is enduring and sustainable. We will partner with individuals and companies that share this purpose and our values.

The Resources page provides links to business books, business tools and links to companies and websites that might serve our clients. These are informal relationships and partnerships.

We are always looking to establish formal relationships with companies that add value to our clients.  We expect to announce new partnerships the near future. Contact us if you feel you or your company can add value our clients.

Kim Hewson – Economic Transitions

Kim Hewson has over 30 years’ experience in the hospitality and tourism industry, including positions as General Manager of hotels in Perth, Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for an international hotel chain leading their global offices, and director of Australian and New Zealand markets with various hospitality and tourism products.  With experience in a number of regional and international locations, Kim has a solid understanding of the global environment and the diversified requirements of tourists.

Since commencing Economic Transitions in 2011, Kim has focused on the development of sustainable tourism as an alternative for economic growth in regional Australia.    Supported by her extensive research, Kim has been able to support clients including Goldfields Tourism Network Association Inc and Shire of Leonora in the development of tourism in the Goldfields region of Western Australia.

We exist to serve our clients!

When our clients succeed, we are successful…

“Greg was able to apply this insight to develop succeinct strategic priorities and contribute to substantial growth in the business.”


“Mr. Hardwich is passionate and he get’s things done! He is experienced and deeply informed by his own successful experience and the success of those that he has guided, he is extremely good at what he does ”


“Life changing… that is what it means to be coached by you Greg. You changed the way I think, you challenged my set ways of thinking, and showed me a new level, a new path along which you moved me from good to great”


“Greg’s business acumen and interpersonal skills enable him to explore and challenge the issue under discussion in a compassionate and patient manner to drill down to the ‘real’ issue for clarification, analysis and values based action”


“Greg has helped me through a wide range of both personal and work optimisation challenges. He has an innate ability to understand your situational and personal needs and the good sense and skill to know how best to help.”


“The things you predicted would happen, happened. But thanks to my sessions with you I had measures put in place, I was prepared and that saved my business, my families well being.”